This space is dedicated to our donors--

individuals, businesses, groups, and organizations--

that have donated diapers supplies, time and money

to The HWG Foundation, Inc. Diaper Bank

Thank you for bringing "diaper need" to the forefront!

Mrs. Carol Borrelli

Ms. Jean Tamanian

Ms. Genevive Cassese

Ms. Cheryl Payne

Mr. Earl Shephard, Board Member

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Brown

Ms. Ellen Richter

Ms. Barbara Jackson

Mr. & Mrs. John Hildebrandt

Mr. & Mrs. Ernie Twiss

Twiss Transportation

Ms. Nadine Bumpus

Mrs. Dory Schimkat

Mrs. Bobbie Albertus


Ms. Jayne Stasser

Mr. Robert Tankel, P.A.

Mrs. Erin Stern

Our Lady of Lourdes

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Schaeffers

AC Neilson Corporation

Prince of Peace Lutheran Church

Ms. Nadine Beemprees

Dunedin Youth Guild

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Cyrkin

Ms. Carol Ford

Ms. Irma Gonzalez

Ms. Annette Richmond

Dunedin Family Fitness

E-Z Speech, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. John Hildebrandt-Living Water Pool Service

Ms Juana Irwin

Mr. Theodore Chamberlain

Chamberlain Dental

Ms. Carolyn Kavonnis

ELC Pinellas
Ms. Ellen Richter

Ms. Chris Zeman

Ms. Cynthia Glenn

WIC & Nutrition Services

Ms. Elodie Diaz

Ms. Heather Meredith McGurran

Ms. Kenyette Godhigh-Bell

Ms. Kim Scarlata


Ms. Lorie Kelley

Dr. Byron Dean, DO, Board Member

Dean Medical, Inc.

Ms. Heather Lilga Rose

Mr. Alain Epps, Board Member

Alain Private Affairs

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