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Pinellas County, Florida Families!

 Here We Grow Foundation, Inc. recently conducted a Customer Satisfaction Survey to ensure that The HWG Foundation, Inc. Diaper Bank was meeting the needs of the children and families experiencing diaper need and receiving services through the diaper bank.  Here are some of the comments regarding the diaper bank that clearly reflects the need for the services in Pinellas County, Florida!

 Nicole is the mother of a 1 year old son who suffers from epilepsy.  Because of his disability, Nicole is unable to work until he gets older.  Working with her son, has sparked her interest in pursuing a career in the medical field.  She is looking to attend classes online and obtain a degree.  Nicole was referred to The HWG Foundation, Inc. Diaper Bank by 2-1-1.   It is Nicole's vision to open her own clinic one day.  


Monica says, "When I am unable to buy diapers or I need to budget money towards a bill, the diaper bank is a LIFESAVER!"


Emma says, " it's comforting and reassuring to know my baby will have diapers and that I do not have to choose between food and diapers."

"Great Program.  Very Thankful!"

"Just getting diapers for my son has been a great opportunity to support his needs and our household.  Can you please keep resources like this open and available for single parents?  Thanks"

"Everything about the diaper bank has improved the lives of my children's lives as well as my own.  Our family has been less stressful. Thanks to the Diaper Bank."


Anna moved to Florida from Tennessee with her 2 year old son.  Anna is a CNA, who couldn't obtain employment in her field until her CNA certification transferred from Tennessee to Florida.  She moved in with her brother and sought assistance from various agencies to fill their basic needs.  Our Lady of Lourdes sent her to The HWG Foundation, Inc.  Diaper Bank to relieve her of her "diaper need".  Here We Grow Foundation, Inc. provided her with diapers, wipes and rash cream.  On her second visit to the diaper bank, Anna flashed her work badge, showing that her certification was transferred and she was now working.  She now only requires assistance until she receives her first few paychecks and is back on her feet



 Sahira is a teen mother of two children and a client of The HWG Foundation, Inc. Diaper Bank.  In her  testimony Sahira says, "the diaper bank has been a help to my family a lot.  There have been a lot of times when I have fell short and the diaper bank was there.  Thank you!

Richard found himself the guardian of his daughter's children, Landon and Lauren.  He suddenly acquired expenses that he did not have, including diaper supplies for his six month old granddaughter.  Richard was referred to The HWG Foundation, Inc. Diaper Bank by 2-1-1.